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How an east valley student got a full ride to Stanford

You can help fulfill the dream of college to determined hard-working local students in need. It may not be Stanford, but College of the Desert (COD) is a great local two-year school that can be the stepping stone to a four-year college. Be part of the process and give money to the CV Pride Scholarship Fund (

Read the story below:


Regina Yurrita

JUNE 17, 2020 10:08 AM

With tears in her eyes Lizbeth Luevanos’s mother, couldn’t contain her excitement, knowing her daughter from Indio is now a graduating high schooler. She’s also accomplished what the majority of east valley students of immigrant parents aspire to reach, a full ride to Stanford with a Quest Bridge scholarship worth over $200,000.

Without any means of transportation Luevano walked long hours to school and extracurricular activities that helped her apply to colleges. She developed a leadership name for herself, despite the struggles that she believes she faced as a minority. She came from a low-income family. Her parents do not speak English. “This is a country that wasn’t necessarily made to have underrepresented groups succeed. Some opportunities weren’t accessible to me,” said Luevano. I think I was very limited in my dreams at first because you have this whole deal of debt, and my parents weren’t in a position to support that,” said Luevano.

Now with the four-year scholarship she hopes to study and become an immigration lawyer and help the undocumented community living in the Coachella Valley.

“I definitely want to give back to my community,” said Luevano.

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